Blind Installation

While the installation of most blinds and shades is relatively straight forward - IF you have measured correctly, received a properly made blind, follow the manufacturer's recommendations and make sure everything is even, level and secure.


If you are looking for the services of an installer, it doesn't hurt to ask a few questions of your "professional" first.  While a competent handyman should be able to install most blinds, specialty blinds and shades like Vertiglides, Luminettes, Slide-Vues or other custom treatments require a bit more advanced product knowledge and handling to avoid problems in many cases.  Don't risk irreversible damage to an expensive custom blind trying to save a few dollars on an installation using the services of an inexperienced person to actually hang the blind.  Using a savy professional to measure, prior to ordering, will potential save pain in the pocket book as potential issues will be identified before the wrong size or product is ordered for the window.

Installating Your Own Blinds?

While installing most blinds or shades is not a difficult task, there are a few things to know before you seriously commits to the project.  With custom blinds or shades a poor or faulty installtion can lead to expensive problems.  So follow these simple tips to stay out of trouble.  

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